Eton Mess (C)
A blend of whipped cream, crushed meringue and fresh strawberries.
Allergy: M, E
€6.00   Or try our Eton Mess Deluxe (C)
Traditional Eton Mess with chunks of dark chocolate and hazelnuts
Allergy: M, E, N
Warm Black Cherries (C)
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with warm black cherries and cream, sprinkled with chocolate
Allergy: M, E
€5.50   Mini Desserts
We offer a range of mini desserts which are detailed on our daily special sheet at the restaurant. Take one per person, or alternatively make up your own assiette of several mini desserts to share.
€2.50 each
Cabaña Cheese Plate (C)
A selection of cheddar, blue cheese and goats cheese with savoury biscuits (suitable for coeliac with gluten free biscuits).
Allergy: M, G
€6.50   Raspberry Ice Cream Sundae
Raspberries layered with vanilla ice cream topped with toffee sauce, cream and nuts
Allergy: M,N
Trio of Sorbets (C)
A selection of three scoops of refreshing sorbet served in a wafer basket (suitable for coeliac without wafer basket)
Allergy: G, E, M
€6.50   White Chocolate Cheesecake
Home-made, topped with forest fruits compote, drizzled with chocolate sauce.
Allergy: G, M
Hot Dessert of the Day
Please refer to our daily special sheet or ask our waiting staff for today’s homemade hot dessert.
€6.50   Daily Dessert Specials also available.
Please ask our waiting staff or refer to our special sheet for information of the extra desserts we are offering today. 


Coffee (i.e. white coffee or large black “Americano”)  €1.70
Leche Leche (white coffee with extra condensed milk) €2.00
Latte €2.00
Carajillo €2.00
Espresso €1.70
Double espresso €2.00
Cappuccino €1.70

Hot Chocolate €2.00
Tea (Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Camomile, Mint) €2.00 

La Mumba (Hot chocolate & brandy topped with cream) €4.50
Liqueur coffees €4.50
(choose from: Irish Whiskey, Scotch Whisky, Tia Maria, Brandy, Sambuca, Cointreau,
Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Baileys, Drambuie, Dark Rum)

Allergy: M in hot drinks with milk/cream.
Please note our hot drinks are served with a complimentary chocolate which does contain milk/cream/dairy and gluten.

Please note: Decaffeinated Coffee is available


(C) Suitable for Coeliacs (V) Vegetarian

FOOD ALLERY INFORMATION:Menu items are marked with the following letters to indicate those that may contain the ingredients listed:


G – Gluten/Cereals/Wheat P – Peanuts
N – Nuts M – Milk/Dairy/Lactose
S – Soya MU – Mustard
L – Lupin E – Eggs
F – Fish C – Crustaceans/shellfish
X – Molluscs SE – Sesame Seeds
CE – Celery SD – Sulphur Dioxide









All prices include IGIC (local VAT) at 7%