Kids Menu

The Kids Menu is available for children in child size portions. Small portions can also be provided from some of the items on our adult menu. Please ask our waiting staff to confirm which dishes are available in half portions. The size of the meals provided would usually be suitable for children up to 9 years. We would advise considering a larger portion for children aged 10 to 12 years. 

Garlic Bread €1.50 
 Allergy: G, E, M
Crispy Coated Onion Rings €1.50  Allergy: G, M

Spaghetti Bolognese €5.00  
Allergy: G, E
Gluten free pasta available – please ask our staff

Pizza (Tomato & Cheese) (V)
€4.00  Allergy: G, M, S, E, MU, SE, CE

Each of the following will be served with either chips and beans or vegetables and potatoes:

Chicken Nuggets €5.00  Allergy: G, S, F, M SD
Fish Fingers €5.00  Allergy: G, F, E
Sausages €5.00  Allergy: G, SD, S
Sliced Chicken Breast and Gravy (C) €5.00


Ice Cream
€2.50 (C)  Allergy: M, E
A choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry topped with sauce and ‘Smarties’ 

Eton Mess €3.50 (C)  Allergy: M, E
Whipped cream and crushed meringue mixed with strawberries 

Chocolate Fudge Sundae €3.50  Allergy: E, G, N, M
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge brownie and fudge sauce topped with cream and chocolate sauce (contains nuts)

Chocolate Ice Cream with Maltesers & Kit Kat €3.50
Allergy: G, N, M, E


(C) Suitable for Coeliacs (V) Vegetarian


Menu items are marked with the following letters to indicate those that may contain the ingredients listed:

G – Gluten/Cereals/Wheat P – Peanuts
N – Nuts M – Milk/Dairy/Lactose
S – Soya MU – Mustard
L – Lupin E – Eggs
F – Fish C – Crustaceans/shellfish
X – Molluscs SE – Sesame Seeds
CE – Celery SD – Sulphur Dioxide









All prices include IGIC (local VAT) at 7%